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Wear Your Pride

Posted on February 13 2017

Wear Your Pride



In a world moving as fast as ours, individuality is essential. Your values, your talents, your origin - who you are speaks volumes amongst all the noise. Everyone’s individuality starts somewhere; for many, it’s in a country thousands of miles away.


No matter how far away you are from your beginnings, that culture still helped build you. It never leaves you. Your look and your family, your ideals and your ambitions all owe something your origin.


Whether it’s the spirituality of Chinese culture, the distinct humor of Australia or the French’s romance, there’s something unique about your roots. There’s something for you to take pride in, and to celebrate as yours.

Throughout the world, the influence of culture is carried from one generation to the next, from one country to another, and respected as a preservation of our beginnings.


Along with your contributions and creativity, you can claim a heritage that’s yours and only yours, and we want you to own that in every way possible.


At Cultural Xpression, we prefer to wear our pride on our sleeves - literally. Our Origin apparel collection allows you to showcase your roots in a stylish way. Our 100% cotton shirts are soft and comfortable, and the catchy Origin design is printed in vibrant colors with high quality water based ink that won’t crack or fade.


We have a variety of countries available, and we’re always adding new designs thanks to our fans’ outreach and requests. Our passion is making cultural pride into a stylish statement for people who know where they came from and who they are.

 We want you to flaunt your heritage and own your Origin.


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