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Posted on May 11 2017

It is said, that you can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you’re from. And to a certain degree, that is true. As a traveler, as well as a Black woman in America, I often ponder “where I’m from” and what role that will play in my future. When I was contacted by Cultural Xpression about reviewing their shirts, I jumped at the opportunity because I love their concept! This post is sponsored but all thoughts and commentary expressed are solely my own.


Originally being from San Antonio and living in Houston for the last 12 years has really made me question my roots as a Black American. In San Antonio I always felt “different”, like I didn’t really fit in. The city is predominantly Hispanic and not a place that I would consider diverse. When I moved to Houston, most people I encountered assumed I was Jamaican or Nigerian. I could kind of understand why since Houston has a large African community and more than a few people from the islands. When I traveled abroad to places like Zurich, Paris, and London, I was asked frequently where I was from. Given the reputation that America has in the world, I was always reluctant to answer.

I would really love for this country to become a place that I can be proud of. But given how my people started here and where we are right now, it’s challenging to be hopeful about our future. If one were to ask me what is means to be a Black American, I would not have a straight answer for them. It’s complex. I don’t feel a sense of belonging here on a large scale but in my smaller community, I feel right at home. The reality is that this is the only home I know. Until I do some research, which I plan on doing, this is it. I am Black. I am American. And still trying to figure out what that means to me.

My feelings about America’s shortcomings did not stop me from loving the “Origins” line from Cultural Xpression. The shirts look great and can be a conversation starter when traveling. I like that they offer designs for men and women with a variety of countries to choose from such as Haiti, Nigeria, Ghana, and more. Priced at only $25, they are very affordable but high quality. The only thing I don’t like is the sizing for women. The women’s shirts run very small. I usually wear a medium in fitted t-shirts. I received a large but really needed an extra-large.

When ordering women’s shirts, I suggest going up 1-2 sizes. Other than that, I love them. I definitely plan on buying some as gifts. If you want to purchase a shirt or see the other designs, 

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